What’s it all about?

Rather than bore y’all entirely to death at the first event, with a huge and complicated explanation of the origins of Scran Salon, I thought I’d write a short post to explain.

Firstly, an admission: this is scarcely an original idea. Scran Salon draws upon inspiration from successful events in the arts world, such as the Edinburgh City of Literature Lit Salon, to provide an opportunity for the food community in Edinburgh and beyond to come together for a monthly gossip about current food and drink issues. Recent online events, like the monthly #scotfood and #edinhour Twitter chats, have shown the sheer number and variety of people with a story to tell about the role that food plays in their life. While social media can be a great vehicle for conversations, I find there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction.

Soupy soup

Soupy soup

Why am I doing this? Well, I have interests in both the food and literary worlds, in my roles writing for Lunchquest and looking after public relations for The Istanbul Review.

Edinburgh has a great tradition of food bringing people together. The Edinburgh Bakers have done fabulous work over the years, the Total Food Geeks have their monthly meals and regular open evenings, and there’s been an active supper club and pop-up scene for a number of years. Throw in regular wine tastings, restaurant launches, and coffee jams and you have no shortage of collective enthusiasm.

What’s different about Scran Salon is that the aim is to make it as much like everyone’s collective night off as is possible. Too often when we get together it’s to “do something”, whether baking, reviewing, tasting or creating. That can be highly rewarding, but it sometimes detracts from catching-up and really getting to hear what’s on people’s minds. The salon will be a low-key evening, with some sharp and pithy contributions to start things, followed by a relaxed opportunity to natter about all things food-related, with a room full of co-conspirators.

It will no doubt evolve over time, so I look forward to everyone playing their role in shaping it, starting at the first event. In the meantime, if you’re interested in contributing, in any way, drop me a tweet @scransalon, a Facebook message on www.facebook.com/scransalon or an email at bkr@scransalon.com

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