Edinburgh Markets sets street food standard

A busy day at the market

A busy day at the market

Following on from Vicky MacDonald’s contribution to the March Scran Salon event, I was really pleased to pop along to the relaunch of the St Mary’s Market, just near the back of John Lewis. It was great to see so many familiar faces there, both in terms of the traders and the punters, many of whom had been along at Hemma last Monday.

Bratwurst stall

Bratwurst stall

Vicky had a bit of a task on her hands ensuring the structural integrity of the stalls as it was a rather blustery day, but the nearby cathedral provided rather helpful shelter ensuring that trading could continue with minimal disruption.

I couldn’t get round every stall, as I was heading off to emotionally prepare for the Scotland vs France rugby match, but it was great to see established market favourites like Jones & Sons Bespoke BBQ, Nusou and Mlle Macaron joined by the intriguingly named Ninja Buns, a new bratwurst stall, and a juicy appearance from Hula. Fresh veg, delicious bread and wonderful local meats were also available.

Freshly prepared food

Freshly prepared food

I was inevitably there with my Lunchquest hat on, too, so pop over to the site later in the week for a review of one of this week’s delicious offerings.

So overall, the revamp of the market looks to be going very well indeed. I’ll be visiting again soon to sample more from their diverse and ever-growing range of traders. I look forward to seeing you there!

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