A Day of Market and Garden Fun in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s a generally lively place, but there just seems to be so much going on at the moment.

Setting up at Boxsmall

Setting up at Boxsmall

Until fairly recently, I tended to try and take Saturdays as my day off away from all things food related. I have now developed a regular Saturday lunchtime routine of popping around the range of local markets, whether it’s the Tram Stop, Grassmarket or Farmer’s Market.

This week, I popped along to a fresh cohort of places. Firstly, I looked in at the new Boxsmall market in Festival Square in front of the Sheraton Hotel.

Delicious curry

Delicious curry

I timed it wrong, so they were still in the process of putting the final touches to the neat little stalls, but it was good to see favourites Nusou and City of Avalon amongst those showcasing their wares.

The market runs daily for the next 10 weeks, so there will be plenty of opportunities to check out this exciting new venture.

One of the box gardens at Grove

One of the box gardens at Grove

After that, I wandered up to the Lochrin canal basin, just behind Cargo for the Canal Festival. This was absolutely mobbed and a much more extensive array of stalls than I’d expected. Things extended well along the canal, passing the excellent Brunel coffee barge, which was swept up in the considerable throng and doing crackin’ business.

I stopped at a curry stall that brought together folks from Kebab Mahal, Vinyasa and the Mosque Kitchen amongst others. Their chickpea curry was just as fantastic as you’d expect.

This was a one-off event, but I think it showed that the space provides an ideal venue for this type of thing, so I’d encourage others to think about how it can be used at other times of the year.

As if that wasn’t enough food-related joy for one day, I noticed that the Grove Community Garden was having an open day, so popped in to “Grove 2” to check out this great local project.

I was highly impressed with the diversity of produce being grown in the individual palette gardens. There were some fine looking strawberries nearing ripeness and an impressive array of herbs, too.

It was an inspiring way to conclude a highly enjoyable afternoon.

Things are coming along very nicely with our next couple of events, too, so do sign up to come along to the Traverse in July and for our Festival event in August.

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