Patrick Geddes – An Inspirational Environmentalist

The wonderful world of food has many connections and inter-relations across Edinburgh and beyond. This is scarcely a new phenomenon, of course, and much of our current thinking can be traced back through the fabric of the city for many years.

One central figure in the world of Edinburgh conservation, ecology and environmental planning is Patrick Geddes. Geddes’ vision for the inter-relationships between people, their environment and the built landscape is absolutely at the heart of modern Green thinking.

With Scran Salon having highlighted many excellent projects, such as Space to Grow and Dig-In Bruntsfield, it’s not hard to make the link back to Geddes. If he’s not someone you’ve previously come across, do look him up.20140621_142307

A new project seeks to bring together the many strands of Geddes’ life in a newly renovated educational hub and library at the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. Given Geddes’ thinking was all about community inter-connectedness, it seems only fitting that a crowdfunding approach is being taken.

I’d made a decision to delay throwing a bit of publicity effort behind the campaign until the social media frenzy of the Referendum had cleared. The explosion in new membership registrations for the Green Party in the days following the No vote, coupled with the continuing engagement in how we can collectively work to deliver a more just, ethical and inclusive society present a timely opportunity to raise awareness.

As we strive to coalesce our thoughts on areas for common action, where better to start than with a project that has sustainable environmental education at its heart?

You can find out more details about the funding drive, plans for the library and links to details of how Geddes’ work lives on in modern-day Edinburgh, here.

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