Scran Salon Review of 2014

We’re taking a January break, so to tide you over until our February event, which marks the first anniversary of Scran Salon, we thought we’d do a little round-up of highlights from our first year.

First off, our launch event in February was where things started. It was a highly enjoyable evening, made all the more entertaining by sponsorship from the folks at Zomato, which meant things got off to a well-fed and bubbly start.

Delicious nibbles for the Edinburgh School lof Food & Wine

Delicious nibbles for the Edinburgh School lof Food & Wine

Speakers that night set the tone for how future events would work, so we were glad to have such an eloquent trio as Jean-Michel from La Garrigue, Tony from Zomato, and JP from One Feeds Two. A select band carried on the fun all the way to Whistle Binkies with a raucous 2am finish.

The next highlight was the folks at our host venue, Hemma, who have looked after us very nicely in our first year. Their mezzanine space has proved a really comfortable location and lends itself well to mingling.

Dundee event

Dundee event

It was also really enjoyable to take the event on the road, with stops at the Traverse Theatre and The Apiary proving very enjoyable.

Of all our events this year, I think the November salon at The Apiary was the best. Not only did Kath, Jo and the team at the restaurant get things absolutely spot on, in terms of the food, drink and ambience, but the speakers brought an excellent range of stories and the audience simply had lots of fun.

It was great to be able to spread the salon joy to other cities. With Emma from Food and Drink Glasgow, we got the Glasgow branch up and running. We look forward to seeing how this progresses in 2015.

It was lovely to be invited to bring the show to the Dundee Literary Festival. We were delighted to have the Dundee branch of the Clandestine Cake Club in attendance, with their delicious cakes. It was great to hear local food tales from the banks of the silvery Tay.

And now a word from our sponsors...

And now a word from our sponsors…

The final highlight has to be the audience and contributors. Particular shout outs go to Chris Stewart from ESFW, Lea Harris and Danielle Ellis all of whom have contributed, audienced, and regularly brought tasty treats to share with us.

So it’s onwards and upwards for sharing fabulous new food stories and ideas in 2015. We’ll see y’all for the birthday shindig in February, then look forward to seeing you at events throughout the year.

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