Support the Edinburgh Catering Company Kickstarter

We do love a good Kickstarter to get behind. Way back when, we looked on in awe as Union of Genius raised a whopping £20k+ to fund the expansion of their empire. The commercial kitchen they were able to set up continues to bring soupy excellence to Edinburgh and beyond.KGtHKkg7_reasonably_small

Last year, when Brazilian gluten-free crepe stall Tupiniquim was threatened with closure, the food community once again responded in sterling fashion with over £13k raised online to support them to buy their police box and secure the future of the business.

The latest Kickstarter that requires your attention comes from the man behind Russell Up, Russell Smith, who has been working in and around Edinburgh over the last couple of years, delivering supper clubs and bespoke dining experiences, to much acclaim.

Russell is now seeking to expand his business to meet the consider demand, by setting up a flexible commercial kitchen.

Aside from it being a great idea to support this excellent local business, showcasing the best of Scotland’s larder, there are some truly exceptional rewards on offer, ranging for jars of chutney to limited edition aprons, to cooking classes and bespoke dining experiences. If you have some serious cash lying around gathering dust, for £5k Russell will come and cook Christmas dinner for you and yours, later this year.

Whatever you might have to spare, this is a great local enterprise to back, so get clicking on the Kickstarter page and support this funding drive to achieve its target.

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