The Edinburgh Salon Launches

Menu board

Menu board

I’d been looking forward to the first Edinburgh Salon event, since I heard about it back in February. Drawing its inspiration from Jim Haynes’ weekly Paris events, it promised tasty grub and interesting chat in convivial surroundings.

The location was kept under wraps until the day before, which added to the fun. It turned out to be just a street or two across from my own humble abode, so that was rather handy.

Having met regular saloneer Anna Hamilton, of Alright Treacle fame, for a quick pre-event snifter at The Jolly Botanist, we arrived at the venue to a warm and hearty welcome from hosts Connie and Shona. We were shown into the drawing room of the stylish west end flat and wine was immediately offered and accepted.



A lovely crowd of folks had been assembled and the next little while was spent getting to know all the various folks. We’d been asked to consider a particular discussion topic, which was “if you could own one piece of art, what would it be and why?” One of the guests I chatted to had done some hunting around on the internet for inspiration, found something she liked and then bought it, which seemed rather marvellous.

First up on the food front, which was all consumed while standing and continuing the badinage, was a rustic terrine, either of pork or cashew, accompanied by delicious Dollop & Scoff chutneys. This was a really tasty opener and certainly broke any remaining ice, as it was rather tricky to eat in a style that was in any way as elegant as the surroundings.

Bright and health veg

Bright and health veg

The main course was roast chicken, which Connie carved as we all loaded our plates with hasselback potatoes, brightly roasted vegetables and fresh, healthy greens. For vegetarians, there was an outstandingly good mushroom pie, which was the standout dish of the day.

Things were rounded out with a dinner party favourite of chocolate mousse with drunken cherries. I’m not a particular dessert enthusiast, but I manfully coped with this decadently boozy treat.



All that was left was to polish off just a spot more wine, meet the final few folks around the room, then reflect upon an early evening experience of real warmth and charm.

The Edinburgh Salon runs on the last Sunday of every month, with the next event scheduled for 26 April. The venue will change each month, at least for now. We look forward to visiting again and would heartily recommend that you do likewise.

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