Well Done to Nepal Fundraisers

Gurkha Cafe

Gurkha Cafe

Here’s a quick post to highlight two great efforts that have been made by local businesses in support of the Nepal earthquake appeal.

Firstly, kudos to the Hanging Bat for donating all the takings from Monday night. On their busiest ever Monday evening, they raked in over £3600, every penny of which was donated to the cause.

We were pleased to chip in a few coins, after Monday’s event, alongside regular saloneer Toby Jones.

Secondly, the Gurkha Cafe on Cockburn Street held their third consecutive fundraising Wednesday, earlier today.

Delicious fish starter

Delicious fish starter

Along with Lunchquest’s MJ and Caroline from Deliveroo (who will be telling us all about this exciting new arrival at our June event), we had a cracking meal, with every penny, again, going direct to the disaster appeal.

The details of the meal are largely inconsequential, but the fish starter I had was absolutely first rate and there were contented noises from around the table with all we ate.

After three successful weeks, including a packed crowd on the evening of 13 May, they’ve got quite a pile of contributions to count. Not only did this idea provide an entirely worthy and practical way to support the cause, people got the opportunity to check out a great Nepalese restaurant that they could easily, and quite mistakenly, have overlooked.

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