Grove – Restaurant Day

Menu board

Menu board

We had a lot of fun when under the banner of the Total Food Geeks, and in support of Zero Waste Scotland, we held a Restaurant Day event back in November 2014. We had a lovely time visiting Edinburgh Foody’s Risotto Pop-Up at Union of Genius that day, too.

We haven’t managed to get our act together to follow-up with another contribution to the global fun that is Restaurant Day, as yet, so we were super pleased to see that the cudgel had been taken up by Grove Edinburgh, a local growing project using major development spaces currently sitting vacant.

Rocket kofte!

Rocket kofte!

Their offering for the day was focussed around something called a rocket stove, which promised a double combustion process that would bring searing heat to proceedings. They would use this to prepare lamb kofte (£3) with dishes of lentil salad (£2), tasty looking cakes, and freshly made lemonade also available. I opted for the first two and combined them in a freshly heated wrap casing.

This proved excellent eating, particularly when a fresh and zingy yoghurty sauce was added. This was very tasty stuff and the briskly breezy yet sunny surroundings made for an enjoyable lunchtime interlude.

We’re hoping that folks from the Grove will come and join at a Scran Salon event soon, so y’all can hear all about what they’re doing. We look forward to supporting their future Restaurant Day plans, too, and hope to see more of you joining in at the next global day of food celebration.

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