Happy Food!



It’s always good to hear about exciting new food developments and it’s jolly entertaining how you get to find out about them. In the case of Happy Food, a new online vegan food recipe show with fun at its heart, it was our common use of Hemma as a venue that brought us together. I was pleased to join the throng at their launch evening, a couple of days ago.

The evening brought a range of vegan elements together, with well-judged vegan wines to the fore and a range of tasty canapes served throughout the evening.

Carrie Mancini

Carrie Mancini

The main course was a showing of the first episode from the new Happy Food online series. With a Game of Thrones theme, this was joyously silly stuff with a couple of tempting recipes at its core. The stew in bread bowls sounded really good, as did the simple lemon cakes.

The audience was appreciative of this entertaining stuff. It’s always great to see such passion for great ingredients conveyed with matching verve. The chef at the heart of things, Carrie Mancini, was full of enthusiasm for her new enterprise – it was a pleasure to meet her.



We very much hope to welcome the folks involved to a Scran Salon event, soon (hopefully the July event). You should certainly give their site a look. Future episodes will appear soon. We look forward to seeing them.

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