Hammond Charcuterie Crowdfunder

Regular attendees at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on Castle Terrace will be familiar with the outstanding work of Hammond Charcuterie.hammond

Having been in operation for two years, Rachel Hammond’s Borders-based business is now looking to take things to the next level with new, expanded premises from which to deliver butchery workshops and up production levels on her excellent charcuterie. And she needs your help and support to turn things into a reality.

A lease on the new location, in the old sheds at Ayton Castle, which is but a bike ride away from Rachel’s home base, has been secured. The ask from the crowdfunder, being supported on the Indiegogo platform, is for £22,500 to fit out the butchery and smokehouse.

Rewards include samples of the famous charcuterie and tickets for workshops, and I hear there are other reward ideas in the pipeline.

Full details are available on their Indiegogo page. The funding drive is open for 60 days, so there’s plenty of time to contribute, but it would be great to build up some early momentum.

You can keep up with how things are progressing via the Hammond Charcuterie newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter. And what’s more, Rachel will be along at our November event, complete with samples of her fine wares, to tell us all about it, first hand.

This is a great opportunity to support a fantastic local business. Get backing it, people!

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