Scotland’s Foodscape – A Food Symposium – 26-27 April 2016



The Queen Margaret University masters course in Gastronomy and Italy’s University of Gastronomic Sciences have come together to host a food symposium, which will explore the significance of food in Scotland, over two days in late April 2016.

Regular saloneer Charlotte Maberly, who is the co-creator both of this project and the MSc course, is keen to a diverse mix of people are involved in the event, so has extended a call for contributors.

Bakers, scholars, musicians, growers, researchers, students, distillers, harvesters, writers, dancers, photographers… All are welcome to contribute.

If you’re interested, check out the details available on their website and in this pdf.

The symposium is part of a series of international events on gastronomy that aim to play a role in shaping food innovations around the world.

For additional information and updates, visit


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