The Pitt

The organisers of The Pitt – Scott from Rost and Hal from Barnacles & Bones – were along at the December salon to tell us all about their launch event, which took place in the middle of that month.



I didn’t make it along as I was detained on important matters of state in Stockbridge that day, but it was a really successful event that was very well received. I made a note to get along to their second event, come hell or high water, which took place yesterday.

On my wander down to the Pitt Street venue I ran into regular saloneers Stan and Elizabeth so I dragged them along for the fun.



We were greeted by the singed face of Scott who had had a minor issue with an unexpectedly vigorous drum fire. It was an interesting new take on a “warm welcome”.

We joined the buzzing throng and took a tour round the traders. There was quite a collection of familiar faces both in the vans and in the queues. Our first stop was with the Bearded Barista for some very good coffee and hot chocolate.

Irish pakora

Irish pakora

Then it was onwards to search out our first dishes, pausing to say hi to Shrimpwreck’s Ewen. We had Babu, Jones & Son, Twelve Triangles and Zoopa to resist before eventually settling on our choices.

In a gross oversight, I’d not previously taken the opportunity to try Fresh Revolution’s legendary Irish pakora. Served with crisp salad and an excellent wild garlic aioli, these were little nuggets of magic.

Pizza van

Pizza van

Stan and I then shared a really good, crisply-based pizza from Big Blu. It was nice to see them trading in Edinburgh once more, as I haven’t yet made it down to their regular stomping ground in Dunbar.

There was a strong drinks offering from Barney’s for beer, Smith & Gertrude for wine, and Solid Liquid for cocktails. We sampled a light sprinkling of things.

With music to listen to and a regular bustling circulation of people, it was easy to linger for an hour or two without any problem at all.

So overall, I couldn’t have been more impressed with The Pitt. It’s the best event of its type that I’ve attended in Edinburgh. It will be back in March (with confirmed dates for April and May, too) so make sure to visit. You’ll definitely find me there.

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