Welcome to the Creative Salon!

I’ve been remiss in not writing before now about a new sister Salon, the Creative Salon, which launched in Edinburgh in January.

Carolyne hosting the Creative Salon

Carolyne hosting the Creative Salon

At the helm is Carolyne Latham of Puppet Anima fame. I’ve known Carolyne for a good wee while having met at our “mother” event, the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Lit Salon.

Carolyne had long held the ambition to extend the idea of the monthly salon to the wider performing arts community beyond the writers that Lit Salon covers.

I’d offered supportively helpful “just do it” barkings, occasionally, and spent a wee bit of time chatting over some of the practical challenges of running an event of this type, following various Hush Hours, of which Carolyne is a great supporter.

Anyhoo, the event launched in January at the Traverse Theatre Bar, which is a cracking venue for the purpose.

It has provided a really good showcase for the wider performing arts community and has attracted some excellent contributors so far, with a strong emphasis on local, grassroots theatre and performance.

They’re settled into the “third Tuesday of the month” slot with the next event on 15 March, again at the Traverse. Sign up, here.

It’s a broad and welcoming event, seeking to broker connections and collaborations, and just connect people together in a relaxed setting, much in the same way that Scran seeks to do that for the food community.

It’s great to be part of this emerging network of Salon events, of which Shona Thomson’s “Night out for Useful People” is another example. If you have an interest in performing arts, make sure to come along and support the event. I’ll see you there.

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