Save the Mighty Mexican

Via the wonderful world of social media, I was really sad to hear what had happened to one of our popular street food traders, the other day.20150220_141151

At the weekend just past, the Mighty Mexican, a family run street food truck serving a variety of burritos to Mexican food fans, got caught in a cross-wind which blew their van and trailer off the road. This was on the journey back from another successful event they’d been catering in Dundee.

Nobody was seriously hurt, thankfully, but the trailer is a complete write-off which is disastrous news. Quite rightly, they’re seeking some help from their loyal customers.

In most cases when crowdfunders come along, it’s about taking a business to the next level. For these Mighty folks, it’s about preserving a much-loved business and maintaining a family’s livelihood.20150220_141706

The ask is £8,000 for a new trailer to get this local business and the lives of those that run it back on track.

You can support them via their Go Fund Me page, here.

The food community in Edinburgh and Scotland is excellent at responding to these types of challenges. Let’s pull together once more for one of our own.

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