Edinburgh Food Social Kickstarter

Crowdfunding can be a pretty tricky thing to get right. For every runaway success, like the Edinburgh Food Studio or Union of Genius, there are many more that don’t quite build inexorable momentum in quite the same way.

Eleanor and Will

Eleanor and Will

As with most things in life, the trick is to learn lessons, lick any wounds, and come back fresh, invigorated and equipped with the tools for success next time.

The latter scenario faced the Edinburgh Food Social, an excellent project from the folks behind the Edinburgh Larder. We had Eleanor and Will along at our event in March where they told us all about the project, but sadly it didn’t hit its target.

Having considered how best to proceed, this week they launched a fresh call, backed by saloneer Fred Berkmiller, with a more focussed offering. This time things will run from now until 23 September with a target amount of £10,000.

The key piece of the puzzle that they need from you, their loyal supporters, is the ability to buy a food truck outright so that taking their message to schools and local communities doesn’t incur a draining hire fee for each use of the truck, which is where they’re at the moment.

The potential to connect with young people and put them on the right road to better relationships with food and their community is almost limitless. Scotland has a strong commitment to becoming a Good Food Nation, but it needs to start turning the fine words into transformative action.

Every one of us has a role to play in that, so why don’t you take another step in your own food journey by backing this funding call?

The new Kickstarter page is packed with further details, video and picture content, plus the usual selection of rewards to make sure you get an early tangible return on your contribution.

You’ll hear more about things at our September event, no doubt, including details of considerable progress achieved by then, we would hope.

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