And It’s Goodbye from Scran Salon

After three glorious years of Scran Salon events, I’m bringing things to a close.

When I set up the event, I was pretty clear on the type of thing I was seeking to deliver. I think that was achieved and the events have been really successful.

They’ve been the easiest thing in the world to organise as all I’ve had to do is corral people’s considerable enthusiasm and present it in a range of coherent and less than coherent ways. I’ve always had a long list of people wanting to contribute. People have been more than generous with their time, and often their lovingly prepared food, throughout. That continues to this day.

However, I think the event has run its course and it’s time to let new ideas emerge.

Huge thanks go to everyone who contributed and attended over the 39 events we held. And a massive thanks to the venues that hosted, particularly Anna and the teams at Hemma and Akva.

This website will persist. It may come in handy for something or other and provides a great record of what we did. We’ll keep the Twitter on the go, also, as it has a good number of followers, for which I’m continually grateful.

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