2nd Birthday Party



We are 2!

To celebrate, it was lovely to welcome a thumping good crowd of folks along to the joyous festivities.

We focussed on the hustle-bustle of the interactions between our attendees, this time, rather than there being lots of speakers. It was lovely to welcome Craig and Felicity from Reekie’s for the first time, as well as Ross from Streat Hawker. Both will return in the coming months, hopefully, to share their stories from the microphone.

Danielle Ellis did run a little competition for some Lavazza coffee and cups, so a number of our birthday bashers went home with lovely gifts.

Vivian from Food for Thought brought me a very thoughtful pair of beer goggles, all the way from Munich, but sadly they didn’t fit on my enormous heid. The thought was greatly appreciated.

I updated the audience on a couple of news items, most notably the arrival of Byron Burgers in Edinburgh. For me, the major significance of this related to their support of One Feeds Two, a charity founded in Edinburgh where when someone buys a product or a meal with their logo on it, a child in poverty gets a school meal, too. Founder JP Campbell spoke at our very first event, so it was great to report this excellent news.

And then there was cake, with continued thanks to Lea Harris for her regular baking contributions. This was a very boozy little number as has become the tradition.

Next event will be back at Akva on Monday 7 March. Sign up to come along, here.