August 2014 – Edinburgh

Smoked salmon in filo basket

Smoked salmon in filo basket

It was lovely to welcome everyone to our Festival event. Back at Hemma, after our July trip to the Traverse, it was delightful to see so many familiar faces in attendance considering the many additional attractions that this month brings to our city.

First up were Kirsty and Amy from local restaurant Angels with Bagpipes. Kirsty told us about the origins and ethos of the restaurant, then Amy outlined their exciting pop-up event, the Hidden Wing, coming up on 10 August. Amy gave us a few clues about it, to whet our appetite.

Next up we had Lea Harris, who told us all about her upcoming event at the Secret Herb Garden. She then had some little lavender treats for us to sample.

Marinated feta, olive, celery and mint

Marinated feta, olive, celery and mint

We then heard from Annette Sprague, who regaled us with tales of Californian cuisine. Her new restaurant, Redwood Bistro, will be launching soon. Details of initial pop-ups, taking place over the coming weeks, are available on the website.

Then Ali Liddy from This is Edinburgh, told us all about Food in the City, which will take place in Edinburgh during October. Ali was asking for support and advice from the audience, which as usual they were more than happy to provide. We look forward to hearing about the programme of events, in due course.

To round things out, Chris Stewart from the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine was kind enough to have brought along some nibbles for us to munch. He couldn’t stay for the evening, but we were all very thankful for these tasty treats, captured here in photo.

Duck ham, parmesan, cherry jam, puff pastry biscuit

Duck ham, parmesan, cherry jam, puff pastry biscuit

Compere Blythe rounded things up with a mention of #ScotFood, the Secret Sushi Garden, then complete forgot to mention the upcoming launch of Scran Salon Glasgow, which is tremendously exciting! The launch will take place on 25 August, with details available, here.

We look forward to seeing y’all at the next event, in September.

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