July 2014



We have been truly blessed to find such an excellent host venue for the first five Scran Salons in Hemma, but the plan was always to take the show on the road, at some stage. And the stage was where we took it with a summer holiday stop at the Traverse Theatre Bar.

The Traverse is a theatrical institution of long standing. It showcases new writing and innovative theatre and is, put simply, the best in its field.

The welcoming folks there, under the kitchen leadership of Mary Shields and the keeping-me-on-the-straight-and-narrow skills of Eleanor Pender, did an excellent job.



Mary made sure that our taste-buds were given a treat by trying out some of the new specials that are slated to be on the menu in the near future. This included crisp calamari, wonderful black pudding, delicious venison burgers and sumptuous crab ravioli. These dishes were served throughout proceedings to universal approbation.



We kicked the evening off with a contribution from Emily Dewhurst, the woman behind Kitchen Press, a Dundee-based independent publisher specialising in food writing. Emily told us all about their work and let the audience see a couple of their excellent cookbooks, including the one they produced with the Parlour Cafe.

Bloombox Salads have recently successfully crowd-sourced a handsome sum to get their salad delivery business up and running. Founder Joy Schlageter told us all about it and thanked those in the audience who had contributed to the effort. Her bike-powered service launches on Friday 11 July so we look forward to trying things then.

Venison burger!

Venison burger!

Lastly, we heard from Bethan Thompson who is working on an MSc in food security. She had a request for the audience to help her out with her project which aims to capture people’s views on the environmental impacts of eating meat and whether or not they’d ever consider changing the amount or type of meat they eat. The audience, as usual, were only to happy to help out.

Thanks again to the folks at the Traverse. It’s back to Hemma for our Festival Salon in August. Get your tickets here for what will be a spectacular evening, no doubt. Amongst other things, we’ll be featuring food from the folks at the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine, so we look forward to that.

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