Launch Event

We had a fabulous launch event on Monday 3 February, with an appreciative crowd cramming in to Hemma’s mezzanine floor. The glasses of organic prosecco on arrival may have been a significant attraction, but people were mainly there for the love and adoration of food.scran salon logo

The event opened with some words from Scran Salon’s master of merriment, Blythe Robertson, who quickly handed things over to the programmed talent for the evening.

First up was Tony Marsden, the Edinburgh Business Head of Zomato, the launch event sponsor. Tony outlined Zomato’s recent arrival in Edinburgh. They had opened their offices that very day.white-on-red

Next up was Jean-Michel Gauffre, the chef patron at La Garrigue, the excellent French restaurant on Jeffrey Street. It’s an outstanding place, as we said in our recent review over on Lunchquest. J-M is Edinburgh’s Languedoc ambassador and a passionate supporter of his home country’s rugby team, so was in buoyant mood after their recent last-gasp victory over England.

Local blogger and fellow Scran appreciator, Chris Berry, of Scrumptious Scran fame, came next. A great supporter of the local food scene, whether when visiting local restaurants, writing about his food experiences, or sharing recipes from his kitchen, Chris has a great commitment to food and the audience was appreciative of his wise words.

Rounding out the evening was JP Campbell, founder and Chief Executive of the One Feeds Two Foundation. The foundation is in the early stages of an outstanding journey, which has already had stops at soupmongering with the Elephant Juice Food Co, trips to Africa to see at first hand the impact of their initial work, then a link up with Virgin to deliver their grand plans at scale.

Literary paparazzo Chris Scott captured the evening in some excellent photographs, too.

So all in all, it was a great first event. Thanks to everyone for coming along. We’ll see you again, next month!

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