May 2014

The slight peril of running Scran Salon on the first Monday of the month is that we’ll run into the odd Bank Holiday or two, over the course of the year. This meant that this month’s crowd was a little lighter than previous events, but the levels of appreciation remained splendidly high.

Soul sushi

Soul sushi

First up we had Tom Hyde from Soul Sushi. Their lunchtime sushi delivery service to central Edinburgh is already proving popular. Their sushi boxes are starting to appear in more and more cafes, including Nikki’s and Pep & Fodder.

We had a little intermission, at this point, during which the audience got a chance to nibble on some tasty samples.

Kicking off the second half we had a quick word from Danielle from Edinburgh Foody who gave a call to arms to blogger volunteers. Following her March salon contribution, Danielle is off to France to embrace the baking life full on. She called out to the audience for writers to support her site with guest posts while she’s away. I was at the front of the queue of people looking to contribute to what is Edinburgh’s premier food blog. Please contact her for further details.

Danielle and the appreciative audience

Danielle and the appreciative audience

Next up was Dougie Stirling from Farm Direct 2U. Dougie has been along at the last couple of salons alongside the folks from the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine, who spoke at last month’s event. Dougie’s service, which sources beef, lamb, game, turkeys and geese from within 80 miles of Edinburgh aims to provide the highest quality meat and game possible. This premium service is definitely worth trying as the quality of the produce is highly impressive

Rounding the evening out in considerable (leggings) style was Frances Bentley, wine expert, artist and social media agent provocateur. With tales of the wine trade that brought a sharp focus to our thoughts, the audience was left to reflect on her powerful words.

And that brought the curtain down on another great evening. Thanks once more to Hemma for hosting, to Zomato for their continued support, to Heverlee for their generous provision of beer and to the magnificent Chris Scott for the continued photographic excellence he brings to the events.

See y’all again next month!

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