November 2014 – Edinburgh

There can be fewer greater pleasures in life than a room full of people, an outstanding selection of food, lovely wine and a range of representative beers from our fine nation’s brewers. This was what we were afforded when we took Scran Salon on the road to The Apiary.

We had a packed programme of speakers, so we kicked things off with Lea Harris who invited people to join her newly established chapter of the Clandestine Cake Club. The first event is on 3 December, with full details here.

Next up was Fares from Ammoun Voyages. This company is about to launch a range of bespoke tours with a focus on food. Fares gave us an insight into Tunisian dining with talk of a highly controversial seasonal dessert. Full details of this exciting new business are available here.

20141103_194120Next up was Joty from Spice Cupboard. Marie from the Hula had made the connnection and encouraged Joty to come along to the event following a cookery class she’d received as a gift. Joty told us about her aim to share the cooking she’d grown up with with a new audience of cooks in Edinburgh. Details of her cooking classes, delivered in your own home, are available here.

Next up was Ronan from Fresh Revolution, an exciting new street food van. We were well impressed when we visited, a few weeks back, so were particularly pleased to have Ronan along. Alongside wife Emily, their business showcases fresh, locally sourced, expertly prepared dishes. Their next appearance is at Eats from the Street, at Fort Kinnaird, this coming weekend, so make sure to visit.20141103_220754

Finally, we had Jo from our hosts The Apiary. The restaurant is a real favourite of mine (I’ll be back in December for a Christmas lunch), so it was lovely to introduce it to a new set of punters. Their behemoth burgers were just stunning and their range of other nibbles (crispy pigs ears, great pickles and so much more) were spot on. Jo was full of thanks and the audience was more than appreciative of the efforts that she, Kath and the rest of the team had made. Chris Scott’s excellent photos give you some sense of the majesty of the evening.

All that was left was for me to round things up and give a major plug to Restaurant Day, which is coming to Edinburgh for the first time on 15 November. Read all about it on their excellent website. The final challange to the audience is the same one I leave with you: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR RESTAURANT DAY? Once you have the answer, register your idea with the site, here.

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