November 2016

It was a low-key November Scran Salon. We took to the very comfy sofas upstairs at Akva and had a glorious chat in relaxing circumstances.20161107_200251

Much delicious Pilot blonde was supped, friends new and old had a good chinwag, and the evening passed in the blink of an eye.

We were excited to hear about the imminent launch of Three Lil Chefs, a new platform for food related stories to emerge and be talked about. It was lovely to see Daniel Wenk again. And nutritionist Laura Wyness, who has recently spread her wings on the freelance market, was along, too.

We didn’t do speeches; the sofas were too comfy.

We do have a more elaborate affair in the planning for next month with the first Christmas party bringing together all the various Salons that run across Edinburgh’s creative communities.

It will take place on Monday 5 December with our salon returning home to Hemma. We’d love for you to join. Full details here.