October 2014 – Edinburgh

Zomato twosome

Zomato twosome

On a sunnily chill October evening, we convened once more for a little Scran Salon entertainment.

First up we had Claudio and Tony from Zomato. They gave us a good update on what they’ve been up to since last we heard from them at the event launch in February. They’ve continued to support the salons since then, so we’re delighted to have them on board. The new developments to their app sounded pretty exciting, so we look forward to checking them out.



Next up was Wendy Paterson who told us about her upcoming scone class for kids, chutney making classes, and “adult scone” events. Full details on her Inside Out Chef website.

We then heard from Steph MacLachlan about the events coming up over the course of the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival, which launches later this week. There are some great offers from an impressive range of local restaurants, so we look forward taking advantage of those between 9-23 October. Full details are available on their website.



I then gave an update on three things that were currently on my mind. Firstly, we were all very sad to hear about the closure of Indian restaurant and cook school Bindi, just yesterday. This gem of a place was Lunchquest’s top place in 2013, so it’s a desperate shame to see it close within its first year. Owner Bindiya Kanani will continue her close association with the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine (which has been a great supporter of Scran Salon, too) and is looking for new ideas for pop-ups and catering projects. We’ll see what the collective mind can come up with.

Secondly, Lunchquest’s recent rant about the lack of late-night dining options prompted some good discussion, which continued well on into the night. I asked folks for their ideas for how we might come up with some good plans to improve matters and they were duly responsive.

Finally, Edinburgh’s Total Food Geeks are in the process of re-establishing themselves, so I highlighted their upcoming open night on 16 October at Hula. The Geeks provide a good platform for the celebration of local Edinburgh food, so writers interested in contributing should sign up to come along to the event.

And that was that, other than to give another mention to the salons coming up in Dundee and Glasgow, later this month.

In November, we’re back on the road, this time taking Scran Salon to The Apiary. We look forward to welcoming y’all there on 3 November.

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