Scran Salon at Soul Sushi


It was a rainy old evening, so people had already done a good thing by even reaching our latest Scran Salon in the welcoming confines of Soul Sushi’s southside shop on Nicolson Street.

Those intrepid travellers were well rewarded with a wonderful evening of food and drink delights.


Our hosts, Soul Sushi, have been regular saloneers down the years. They came and told us about the business when it was in its early stages, then have dropped in with delicious platters of their signature dishes at regular intervals.

Tonight they were joined by first time visitors Cross Borders Brewing. Having been on the go from premises near Dalkeith for just over a year, they’re quite the local success story.

Jonny and Dani joined us for the evening to share the delights of Braw and their piney resinous IPA. Both were warmly received by the appreciative audience.

The emotional range of Cross Borders

Soul Sushi had both food and drink options for us to try. Their excellent sushi dishes, with the salmon and dill rolls a particular treat, were a big hit with all who sampled them.


They were also looking for feedback on some new iced tea ideas they’re experimenting with. The rhubarb infused one was the best I tried.

It was lovely to see such a varied and engaged crowd, this evening, with a great balance between locals and visitors, regulars and first timers.

As the evening drew to a close, it was agreed that it had all been jolly good fun and that the food and drink we had heard about and tasted was top notch.

Next month, we hope to do an event in partnership with the Leith Food Assembly. We’ll confirm that in the coming days, at which time tickets will become available. Whatever the case, we look forward to seeing you again soon.