Slow Food Chef Alliance Scotland Event

Anna from Akva

After a little break in Scran proceedings, we returned last night with a full-production event, working in partnership with the Slow Food Chef Alliance Scotland.

Vivian Maeda from Business in the Community Scotland’s Food for Thought programme has recently taken on the role of co-ordinating the Chef Alliance in Scotland, so she was largely responsible for putting together the programme for the evening.

This included a range of food from some outstanding chefs and producers including Neil Forbes (sourdourgh bread), Jean Miller (picallilly and oatcakes), Rachel Hammond (charcuterie), <a href="“>Alison Henderson (canapes), Sebastian Kobelt (chocolates), Rosario Sartore (amazing filled filo pastries from an old convent recipe), Selina Cairns (Errington cheese), Edinbrew (beer), Bon Accord (lashings of ginger beer), and some delicious nibbles from the Akva menu.

Anna from Akva, our continuing hosts, opened the evening in her own inimitable style. Her tale of moose poo certainly struck a chord.

Nourish campaign from Scottish Book Trust

John Cooke from Slow Food Edinburgh set the scene about the history of the Slow Food movement.

Vivian then set out the ambitions of the Slow Food Chef Alliance calling on any chefs not yet signed up to get involved. She flagged the excellent work of Zero Waste Scotland.

Then Neil Forbes, from Cafe St Honore, shared his experiences from Terra Madre, Slow Food’s global event held in Turin every two years. It was clearly an inspiration for his continued commitment to excellent local sourcing.

Pastries from Rosario

After a short intermission, we heard from Alison Henderson who told us about how locally foraged ingredients can be used in lots of different cuisine. She used Thai food as her example.

Josiah Lockhart, from Gorgie City Farm, and Rachel Hammond had an exciting announcement about a link-up between their businesses.

Vivian flagged the Scottish Book Trust Nourish campaign for this year’s Book Week Scotland.

And that was it for a packed event.

Next month we take the salon on the road with a trip to Soul Sushi’s new shop on Nicolson Street. There we’ll also be welcoming the folks from local brewery Cross Borders so it should be a fun evening. Sign up for tickets here!