ZomaScran – the May Double Measure



As if May wasn’t already fun-filled enough, we decided to pour forth even further joy with a double measure of Scran Salon events. After the food inspired cocktail fun at Last Word Saloon, last week, tonight in partnership with our friends at Zomato and the lovely folks from Social & Cocktail we brought you ZomaScran, a fabulous evening of cocktails and whatnots.

With much cocktail merriment on arrival, the middle part of the evening followed the usual format, with a dazzling selection of folks sharing their food and drink stories.

First up we had we had Amy from Union of Genius with a multimedia sneak preview of their upcoming #SoupStarter. Their new Kickstarter, seeking support for expanded commercial premises, launches on Friday. Further details will emerge then, but you can be sure that the Scran Salon audience will be enthusiastic backers of the project.

Damien and Joshua

Damien and Joshua

Then Julia Leyden from Organically Yours told us all about her gluten and dairy free business. With many gluten and dairy free folks in the audience, this certainly struck a chord.

Next was Damien from Social & Cocktail who outlined what the drinks were that we’d been sampling, this evening. He included detail of the highly engaging work they do in the community. The audience was warmly appreciative.

Finally, Claudio from Zomato told us all about Cocktail Month in Edinburgh, where there are lots of goodies to be won by checking in at various cocktail spots across the city.

All that was left was for me to give a big thanks to Darnley’s View Gin, who supplied the very tasty gin for the evening, and to confirm that next month’s event will take place at an exciting new venue, La Petite Mort, in Tollcross. Make sure y’all come along to that event, on 1 June. Full details, here.

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